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1. Terminology and meaning:
The 10-point must system of judging is employed:
10-10 if the standard of the fighters is equal.
10-9 if one fighter is superior.
10-8 if the opponent is K.O. or the ref stops the bout due to the opponent being overpowered.
The 3-time knockdown rule will apply.
A knockdown means that the fighter is forced to stand for eight (8) counts by a referee.
K.O. (Knockout): The fighter is out for the count of ten (10).
T.K.O. (Technical Knockout): The fighter is standing for the eight (8) count but cannot protect
The referee will make point deductions.
The fight takes place in a ring (four, six or eight corners) or a 6m x 6m impact mat. There will be a
referee, head point official, 3 judges, timekeeper, and a medical assistant.
Protection gear must be worn as per the mode you participate in.
2. Age Categories:
Juniors: 12 to17 years.
Seniors: 18 to 40 years.
Veterans: 41 years and older.
(Positive proof of age may be required at all championships)
3. Divisions:
16 Fighters will compete in an elimination process against each other in the following modes:
Full Contact Sport Boxing. 3 x 2 min rounds. All the rules of Full Contact Sport Boxing apply. Only 8
Fighters (the winners) will proceed to the next round of:
Full Contact High Kicks. 3 x 2 min rounds. All the rules of Full Contact High Kick Rules apply, including the
rule of 8 kicks per round. Only 4 Fighters (the winners) will proceed to the next round of:
Full Contact Low Kicks. 3 x 2 min rounds. All the rules of Full Contact Low Kicks apply. Only 2 Fighters
(The winners) will proceed to the Final bout namely:
Full Contact Close Combat. 3 x 2 min rounds. The winner will be crowned as the Full Contact Supreme
Fighting Artist.
No extensions will be given for a draw. (Judges, Referee and main table to make decision based on
overall performance)
Note: Some of the above determinations may be waived at certain tournaments based on the decision
of the tournament organizer and permission from the Master/National President.
4. Techniques not allowed:
• See Techniques not allowed per mode participating.
5. Warnings
• Referee can give warnings and point deductions for fouls:
6. Fouls:
• See Fouls per mode participating.
In case of any unauthorized techniques being used the fighter will be disqualified.
In the case of accidental use of unauthorized techniques, a warning will be issued.
7. RCFA Weight Divisions for Full Contact Supreme Fighting Artist:
Junior under: 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg.
When matching, also consider the ages for fair matchmaking.
Senior under: 50kg.
RCFA Weight divisions for Junior and Senior amateurs and professionals above 50kg:
• Atom weight: under 51kg
• Fly weight: under 54kg
• Bantamweight: under 57kg
• Featherweight: under 60kg
• Super featherweight: under 63kg
• Lightweight: under 66kg
• Super lightweight: under 69kg
• Welterweight: under 72kg
• Super welterweight: under 75kg
• Middleweight: under 78kg
• Super middleweight: under 81kg
• Light heavyweight: under 84kg
• Super lightweight: under 87kg
• Cruiserweight: under 90kg
• Heavyweight: under 95kg
• Super heavyweight: open (over 95kg and upwards)